Getting help

Specific services for people with YOD and their carers have only begun to be developed, and RHAPSODY is part of this trend. However, national and local Alzheimer’s Associations can provide valuable information on counselling, support and services that are available in an area. These organisations will also be able to answer specific questions concerning living with dementia. Help will be provided finding a healthcare professional with expertise in diagnosing and treating YOD, organising and financing care, dealing with legal issues, and identifying an appropriate day centre, patient or carer support group, or nursing home.

Main objectives of the Alzheimer Associations are:

  • to bring awareness and provide much needed information on Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia
  • to enhance care and support for people affected by Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia
  • to facilitate exchange of experiences and information
  • to provide a leading voice for Alzheimer's disease and dementia advocacy by petitioning, educating decision makers on the toll the disease takes and providing resource for policies development.

Alzheimer associations exist in many countries around the world and many of these have subdivisions or chapters throughout the countries.

National Alzheimer associations of the “RHAPSODY-countries”:

Association France Alzheimer
Boulevard Montmartre 21
F-75002 Paris
Phone: +33-1-42 97 52 41
Fax: +33-1-42 96 04 70

Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft e.V.
Selbsthilfe Demenz
Friedrichstr. 236
D-10969 Berlin
Phone: +49-30-25 93 79 50
Fax: +49-30-31 50 57 35

Alzheimer Nederland
Stationsplein 121
3818 LE Amersfoort
Phone: T +31 33 303 25 02

Alzheimer Portugal-Associação Portuguesa de Familiares e Amigos de Doentes de Alzheimer
Av. de Ceuta norte
Lote 15, Piso 3
Quinta do Loureiro
1300 – 125 Lisboa
Phone: +351-21-361 04 60
Fax: +351-21-361 04 69

Alzheimerföreningen i Sverige
Karl XII gatan 1
221 00 Lund
Phone: +46-46-14 73 18
Fax: +46-46-18 89 76

Alzheimer's Society
Devon House
58 St Katherine's Way
London E1W 1JX
Phone: +44-20-7423 3500
Fax: +44-20-7423 3501